Day 5 – Connection and Selfies with Mom

Lesson FIVE.
Connection and Selfies with Mom Photography

  • Tips for Connection photography
  • For connection try Aperture Priority mode at a low number F stop (same as portraits)
  • Flash OFF
  • Tips for the Selfie with MOM
  • Flash OFF
  • DSLR users and point-and-shoot – See if your camera has a ‘timer’ button
  • Phone users – Try out the timer in your camera header, 5 or 10 sec.

Concept – Connection
Style – Selfies with Mom

Connection. Let’s begin!

This is the biggest secret that I’m going to share with you… Connection is the most important thing in photograph. Yeah, that’s just my humble opinion. But really, I know you have lots of photos of your kids faces, and lots of photos of them doing stuff. But the most beautiful photos are the ones that show connection between the people in them. So saddle them up and show that love between them.
If I’ve ever photographed your family one of the big things you’ll hear from me is “get closer” and “kiss whatever baby you’re holding”. Of course I always take a few ‘grandma’ photos (where everyone is properly smiling and looking straight into the camera, the kind of photos grandma wants in an 8 x 10 on her wall). But my favorites are the ones where everyone is loving on each other. Those smiles and giggles that come out when Daddy’s beard tickles you or that sweet smirk you see when mom nuzzles your neck… those are gold!

It’s all about feeling.
How do two or more kids interact with each other? How do you interact with your child. There are a lot more moments in life where you are looking at each other rather than looking at a camera. Look into their eyes, tell them jokes, stroke their hair. It’s about being a part of the photo not just posing in one.

There are no rules for connection. Your photo can be portrait style of your kids or you sitting in silence or it can be a motion of a tickling frenzy. The point of Connection is to show the way you felt in that instant, no other rules matter.

For those of you with multiple kids put them together, as close as they will be and tell them to ask each other questions or tell jokes. See how they look at each other or interact. Show in your photos what it’s like to be a part of their conversation.

Here, let me show you!

Today’s Style… Selfies with MOM Photography

I want you to take a moment to think back at a photo you have from your childhood of you and your mom. Picture that photo in your head. Most likely she didn’t have on her fancy pearls and there’s a good chance she’s not even looking at the camera. It was the fact that it was your mom loving on you. Maybe it’s her strong hands wrapped around you or the way she is bent down to be at your level. Or maybe it’s even the way her dimples look in the photo that you see in your own reflection.
You are not judging the woman in this photo for what her physical appearance is. You are simply loving the photos because of who is in the photo.

Be in the photos.
Again, for the people in the back row. BE. IN. THE. PHOTOS.

I don’t care if you look a mess, you don’t even have to look at the camera. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing. Your kids don’t care that your roots need colored or that you haven’t lost the baby weight from 6 years ago. All you need is the connection. Bury your head in their neck or tickle their ears or give them a giant smooch. I WANT TO SEE YOU LOVING YOUR KID.

How to get in that photo…
1. Set up a tripod, or set your camera on a table.
2. Try out your timer option.
3. IF you have a large mirror set it up across from you and your kids behind where your camera is so that you can see what you look like.
4. If you want to try holding your camera and photographing into the mirror that works too!
5. Get everything set up and then shoot away. Keep shooting.

Take a lot of photos!
You are a huge part of your kiddos life and a selfie here and there is not good enough. When your kids look at your photos 15 years from now they won’t care what your hair looked like or that you were wearing silly leggings. They’ll just want photos that show how much their mom loves them.

In this series I set the camera on TIMER mode. I pushed the focus button, ran into the photo and waited for the snap.
This series I held my camera and photographed us into the mirror!

Now for your last assignment!!! Take a series of selfies with your kid.

1. Turn off all the lights. Nothing says emotion like some moody window light.
2. Set up your camera for timer.
3. If you don’t want a timer use a big mirror.
4. Pick your perspective, however you can make it work that the camera can get you all in.
5. Set your F stop Aperture (if using your dslr) to a few bumps above the lowest number number.
6. Take lots of photos! Have a whole session just enjoying each other.

*Have fun!

Post your mom and me selfies… as many as you want!

Pick out your favorite photos and post it in the group. I can’t wait to see how your last lesson went! I’m excited to see YOU in the photos with your kids!

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